Princesses in the Making

Occasionally, fairy tales and dreams really do come true…

At Safe Harbor, we get to witness the dreams of the women we serve change from the nightmares of dealing with their past into the very real hope that their lives can be restored and their families reunited and healed.

This Christmas, as throughout the year, our community has partnered with us to help these dreams come true.  Christmas gifts, cards, food, and financial gifts have poured into our home, and our walls have echoed with the laughter and joy of love – both receiving and giving.

These two little “princesses” are wearing their Christmas gifts while their mother, a resident of Safe Harbor’s Whole Woman program, is beginning to understand what it means to be a daughter of the King herself.

Meanwhile, for every person out there who wants to know if you can truly impact someone else’s life for good….Yes!  If you’re looking for a place to start, Safe Harbor could use your help, and you can partner with a whole community that is already making a difference for women, children, and families.

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