Student Group Opportunities

Students Quick Guide 

Group Volunteer Opportunities

Youth ages 16 and up.


 Day Shelter: Located at 210 2nd St. SE Hickory. There is a cement walkway to the left of the

House that leads to our Day Shelter entrance located in the basement of SHRM.

    • Lunch Provider (A group of 2-5 individuals are recommended): Providing lunch for approximately 25 (numbers vary daily) women and children in our Day Shelter and Enrichment Center. They eat lunch daily at noon. We love to invite our volunteers to eat with the women and children. You may purchase or make and bring a lunch already prepared. We can reheat food in our oven. Lunch providers may also prepare the meal themselves in the day shelter. We have a large kitchen fully furnished. Please call Christie Clary to schedule your day to provide lunch.
  • Children’s Playroom (A group of 2 to 4): Volunteers to come in and wipe down with disinfectant, all toys and tables, and vacuum the couch and cushions.      


ReSource Warehouse and Gallery: 451 11th Street NW, Hickory

  • Warehouse Volunteer (2-6 individuals): Volunteers to come in and help organize donations, clean up donated furniture, move displays, etc. We NEED strong young men to help move and rearrange donations, lift heavier items like furniture, help move shelving and so on!!!!

There is a lot that can be done at ReSource. There is not enough space to comfortably              accommodate more than 6 individuals to volunteer at one time. We could break a large group into 2 smaller groups. See Christie Clary for options.

ReSource Hours of Operation: Tues.-Sat. 10am-5pm. Any time during these days and hours

Transitional Apartments: 410 2nd Street Place SE, Hickory.

  • Landscape: We have our property sectioned off and are looking for groups to sponsor a section of the total landscape plan this Fall so that we can make our apartments more attractive and more of a Bright Spot in the neighborhood. I can get you more details and what is needed to make this happen. We had a landscape artist donate a landscape plan with a listing of the shrubs and other materials needed.

Seasonal Yard Work:  Raking leaves, mulching, spraying weeds, cutting back limbs, etc.

  • Apartment Maintenance: Help is often needed for apartment upkeep, maintenance, and small projects. Examples include painting, repairing fixtures, replacing flooring.

Time: 8am and 6pm for apartment volunteerism. This is negotiable and will vary with project and time of year. Coordinate with Charles Durrett or Linda Fox (Apartment Supervisor)

 Residential House- Whole Woman Recovery Program: 210 2nd Street SE

  • Seasonal Yard Work (3-6 individuals): Volunteers who would help with yard work, spray weeds, pick up limbs, and clean up children’s playground equipment area.
  • Automobile Wash/Clean-up (3-6 individuals) Volunteers who would spend several hours helping to wash and vacuum our vehicles, including one large 12 passenger van.
  • Windows Cleaned: Inside and outside of residential house.