Did you know?

In 2014 there wePicsre  5,040 homeless women and children in NC. Of this population 94 were veterans and 82 of those homeless vets have children. (Stats from NC Coalition to end homelessness.)  Across the nation in January 2014, there were 45,205 unaccompanied homeless children and youth.






The annual point-in-time count of the country’s homeless population in January of 2014, suggests there are 578,424 homeless people in the US. Just over 30 percent of those were un-sheltered, living on the street or in parks, cars, or abandoned buildings.

Approximately one-third of the total homeless population includes individuals with serious, untreated mental illnesses according to a research summary compiled by the Treatment Advocacy Center.



NC MDDDSAS says that  on average, in North Carolina more than 700,000 people (male and female) age 12 or older report being addicted to alcohol, other drugs, or both. Dependence on alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs is a complex and costly chronic illness. Even though treatment works, nearly 90% of people who abuse or depend on alcohol or illicit drugs never seek treatment.

National Overdose Deaths—  From 2001 to 2013 there was a 5-fold increase in the total number of deaths (both male and female) from Heroin. 

Abuse of tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drugs is costly to our Nation, exacting more than $700 billion annually in costs related to crime, lost work productivity and health care.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, approximately 50 percent of individuals diagnosed with severe mental illness are affected by substance abuse. About 37 percent of individuals with alcoholism and 53 percent of individuals with drug addictions have at least one serious mental illness.