Family Recovery

Recovery – it’s a family thing!

No one knows the heartache and frustration of addiction or alcoholism more than the addict and his or her family.  Even when a loved one seeks help, often the family is left to struggle with a roller coaster of emotion and perhaps even cleaning up the wreckage that is left in the wake of destruction left behind by that loved one’s problems.

Safe Harbor wants to provide resources for families finding themselves in this situation.  Below are some great websites and resources that we hope you find helpful. – National Association for Christian Recovery

Two videos are particularly insightful, located in the Resources for Family tab:  “What it’s like to be addicted” and “What it’s like to love an addict”

The Genesis Process, which we use at Safe Harbor, also offers some helpful youtube videos.  One in particular is located at:  Safe Harbor also hosts a monthly Genesis Process group, led by a couple that has experienced over 5 years of recovery.  This group is open to the public, and meets the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30, on the lower level of our residential facility – 210 2nd St SE, Hickory, NC, 28602.

We suggest that families read “Everything Changes,” a book by Beverly Conyers and available online at

If you are seeking support from others going through a similar struggle, there are some options available, depending upon where you live.  You can find out more by visiting the following websites:

If you are trying to intervene in a loved one’s life and need some ideas of how to structure a plan, use this sample Recovery Contract to get you started. Capture


Lastly, here are two great articles on realistic expectations for long-term recovery: