Honorariums and Memorials

captureHonor or Memorial gifts are a  meaningful way to celebrate someone who has touched your life.                     


   The person being honored/memorialized is listed in blue, the giver is listed in black.


June Memorials

June Honorariums

Susan Shores

Carol Spaulding

Robin Hinson

The Dunbars

May Memorials

Guy Haynes

Teresa Oakley

Doug Wall

Johnny and Maureen Noh

Melissa Tatum

Virginia Cobb

May Honorariums

Susan Shores

Carolyn Spalding

Billy and Kathy Reynolds

David and Linda Baird

Eileen Wagner

Lynn Phillips

April Memorials

Parks and Joanne Underdown

Robert and Nancy Hall

March Memorials

Guy Haynes

Danny and Maria Higgins

Dr. Cuyler and Sandy Dunbar

Jeanette Cheuvront

Keith and Gayle Barnwell

Larry & Deedy Ferguson

Mark and Cindy Smith

Martha M Mullins

Nancy Braswell

Phil and Jane Echerd

Ridge and Betty DeWitt

Scott and Amy Rhodes

TSH Charitable Trust

Window World

March Honorariums

Carah Watson

Anonymous Donors

Cecil Hash

Chad and Holly Hall

James J. Ho, MD

Joseph Stasiak

Katherine Ellis

Kelli Zych

Nelson and Krissy Price

Rebecca Tanner

Robert Reid

Susan Rieder

Valerie McKenzie

February Honorariums

Mary Michelle Millholen

The Frick Family


No honorariums/memorials given this month


December Honorariums

Mr. and Mrs. Houston Groome

Mr. and Mrs. Cuyler Dunbar

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Thomas

Mr. and Mrs.  Travis Langford

Ms. Sally Abernethy

Mr. and Mrs. John Plymale

Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Stan Meares

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Long

Mr. and Mrs. Sid Hagans

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kistler

Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Hampton

Keith and Gayle Barnwell

Lisa Clark

Dana Truitt

The Jefford’s Family

Denise Yow

Carol Legrand

Miiko Rowe

Meredith East Elder

Tom East

Naomi East

Eric and Kelly Fulcher

Bob Fincher

Sarah and Greg Waugh

Jeremy Roberts

Dr. and Mrs. Mark McGinnis

Dr. and Mrs. Brian Krenzel

Dr. and Mrs. William Pekman

Barbara Weathers

Maurice and Addria Capps

Pat Anderson

Tim and Donna

John and Shelly Clark

Renee Clark

November Memorials

Ashley Daniels

James and Joyce Rumple

Benny Daniels

Mary Kossel

James and Joyce Rumple

June Brehm

Virginia Bost

Nan Fanjoy

Janet Schoonderwoerd

Susan Shores

Carolyn Spalding

Tony and Gwen Jarrett

Nancy Long

Wayne M. Bach

Terry M. Tayor

Paul E. Culpepper

Kevin C. McIntosh

Timothy D. Swanson

John Crone

Jordan Faulkner

James Hawes

Jessica Watson

Jimmy and Jennifer Summerland

September Memorials

Gertie Peacock

Susan Moser

Romelda Aman

Annette Collette

*No Memorials in August

*No Honorariums in August

July Memorials

Molly (David and Paula Parson’s fur baby)

Lynn Baker

June Memorials

Shyler Kincaid

Patricia Kincaid

May Memorials

Mickey Calloway

Amy Whichello

Charles Deal

Jane Murphy

Carolyn Walker

Ruth Clontz

Jane Murphy

Mt. Pishah Luthern Church

James and Cornelia Pendleton

Frank and Loretta Denton

Mark, Samantha, Annie, Kathryn, and Karleigh Hunter

Doyle and Jean Roach

Elk River Property Association

Salem High School, Class oSaf 1957

Eula N. Brown

Kenneth and Betty Brown

May Honorariums

Bill and Mildred Roberts

Martha and David Underdown

Andrea Burke

Jamie and Cynthia

Robin Hinson

Harriet Kirkland

Sandy Dunbar

Kenneth and Arlinda Graham

Chelsea Oram

Chris and Wayne Oram

2016 HCA Graduates by Control Technologies

Susan Shores

Carolyn Spalding

Barbara Hildebran

Renee’ Roberts

Charles Deal

Jane Murphy

Joy Rowe

Frances Fincher

Wanda Morrison

Karen Whitworth

Jo Hubanks

Kelly Fulcher

Sandy Dunbar

April Honorariums

Roz Cody

Tim and Chris Kelly

April Memorials

March Memorials

Howard Anderson

St. Luke’s Methodist Church

*No honorariums in March

February Memorials

Donna McGee

Cuylar and Sandy Dunbar

Jim Bandy

Eugene and Opal Brown

Clyde and Paulette Huffman

The Catfish Hunting Club

Marcia Jordan

Carole Aderholdt

*No Honorariums in February 

*No Memorials or Honorariums in January

December Honorariums

Pat Anderson  

Toni Alexander

Lori and John Buckley

Deborah Looper

Gale and Keith Barnwell

Kevin and Lisa Clark

Sharon Collins

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Knedlik

 Megan Diering

Matt Diering

Connie Engart

Dave and Kathy Ludwig

Randy and Judy Ferebee

Jan Houck

Jeff and Pam Hale

Waldo and Candis Hale

The Hale Family

Dwight and Darlene Gibson

Reggie and Randy Hefner

Donald and Sandra Gantt

Sarah Huffman

John and Eileen Leach

 Lyman and Jean Jones

Ann Jones Bowman

Floyd and Nancy Long

Tony and Gwen Jarrett

Alice Rhoney  

Ebenezer UMC choir

Pat Rice  

Elizabeth Brandes

Dwight and Sherry Lowther

Joe and Sue Swafford 

Pete and Mary Lou Parrish


December Memorials

Howard Anderson

Lori and John Buckley

Cynthia Lackey

Barbara Weathers

 Joe Glass, Jr

Carolyn Glass

Shyler Kincaid 

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Kincaid

Monteen Fox

James and Mary Reynolds

 Deidra Lackey

John Powell

Jo Oxentine

Linda and Jim Griffin

Jo Wagoner

Tony and Martha Robbins

Monteen Fox

James and Mary Reynolds

Carolyn  Setzer’s Sunday School class

Neil and Carolyn Setzer.

 Jake Schoonderwoerd

Janet Schoonderwoerd

 November Honorariums

Lyman and Jean Jones

Ann Jones Bowman

November Memorials

September Memorials

Howard Walton Anderson, Jr

Mr. and Mrs. John Alexander

David and Debra Beadle

Bob and Elaine Blackwelder, Wesley, Garrett and Briana

Randy and Sharon Collins

Alex and Catherine Corpening

Wendell and Judy Cramer

Cuyler and Sandy Dunbar

Elk River Club

Frank Eller

Earle and Frances Fincher

Glaze Design

Donald and Kathy Norman Goessel

Laddie Hiller

Manan and Sandy Houston

Cynthia Lackey

Phil and Ruth Lackey

Leroy and Lynn Lail

David E. Looper & Co. Inc.

James and Betty Looper

James and Debbie Martin

Robert McCoy

Moore and Van Allen, PLLC

Martha A Mullins

Eddie and Rita Neill

Cory,  Suzannah, Grayson and Micah Presnell                                                                     Printcrafters, Inc.

Tommy and Debby Stewart

Kelly Strickland

Jackie Tomlin

 Nell Hood

Carol and Jed Zaitz and Family

Tara Dunkle

September Honorariums

The Hickory Book Club

July Memorials

Mildred Duncan

Clarence and Melody Frizsell

 May Honorariums

Stuart Cline

April Memorials

Janetta Wright

Nolan and Ann Saunders

March Memorials

Jeanne Harcock  

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Teague

 Vernelle Hood      

 Phillip and Anne Adams            

 Goodman and Brooks Family Practice Associates.

March Honorariums

  St Peter’s Lutheran LWML      

  Sue Rector                                                                                                                                               

 February  Memorials

Mary Jane Burns    

Sue and George Huffman

January Honorariums

 Kate Simpson,   Harry Simpson,  Rebecca Simpson,  Joe Bane    

Lauren Everly                                                                                                                                                                 

 What better way to honor or memorialize someone than to give a gift that keeps giving. That’s exactly what your honorarium or memorial donation to Safe Harbor Rescue Mission does.  You can give a donation in honor or memory of someone special by clicking on our “Donate” button.  Please put honorarium/memoriam information in the comment section of this page.   We will need to know who the donation is in honor of, who the donation is given by and where acknowledgements can be sent. Honorarium donations may also be sent to Safe Harbor Rescue Mission 210 2nd Street NW, Hickory, NC 28602.

**Acknowledgements will also be mailed