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Through Safe Harbor I have been able to live out God’s plan for my life. 

I started taking drugs when I was 12 years old, by 16 I was pregnant by a man who was 10 years oemilylder than me. I gave custody of my daughter to my sister, I lived in my car and eventually found myself in prison. That is where I first heard about Safe Harbor. Through Safe Harbor I have been able to live out God’s plan for my life. I am now involved in my daughter’s life, have a place of my own and work full time and I’m college graduateMy life is a miracle!                     -EW, Safe Harbor Graduate


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Drugs became T’s whole life at such an early age she didn’t even learn basic skills to care for herself. 


T. is 43 years old, she has 3 children and  2 grandchildren.  T.  grew up in “semi- normal” home with a loving mom but a father who was hard and difficult to have any kind of relationship with.

T. always felt different from the other kids at school. At 13 she started using drugs hoping to fit in.  First, pot and alcohol then cocaine and eventually heroin.

Finding her self pregnant right out of high school, she married young.   Drugs became T’s whole life at such an early age, she didn’t even learn basic skills to take care of herself or her family.

After her first 2 two children were born, T. developed an anxiety disorder. She became addicted to the the pills that were prescribed to help her.

After 14 year marriage ended, T. was in and out of jail because of her addictions. Soon she was in a bad relationship with a man who introduced her to cocaine.

Leaving this relationship with only her addiction. T. met another man and became pregnant again.  In her addiction T. was unable to care for new baby. Her youngest child stayed with family members as T. spiraled farther into the world of drugs.

When cocaine was no longer enough T. moved on to Heroin.   Now, homeless and addicted T. moved into an abandoned house with no electricity, no water and no hope. Her days were filled by using drugs.

Last year T. started having seizures on a daily basis.  Her routine became, wake up, use drugs, seize, go to E.R.  This viscous cycle continued until August of 2014  when T. overdosed.  T’s mother  found her on floor not breathing. T. spent the next 6 days on life support.

When she awoke from life support T. heard a voice, an unmistakable voice.   Even though she’d never had a relationship with God she knew His voice.  God spoke to T. and said “Get up! You don’t have to live this way any longer”.

T.  Had been searching for help.  Many programs denied her but God opened the doors of Safe Harbor to T.  T. says she has developed a  relationship with God that she never had before. T. is sober, has her own home, a job and is raising her daughter.


They saved my life and gave it meaning.

I just want to say how grateful I am to Safe Harbor. They saved my life and gave it meaning. I’ll  forever be in your debt..THANK YOU!!!!!!!                                                                                                                      -KR, Safe Harbor Graduate 2014

 Gave me hope and unconditional love


Safe Harbor Rescue Mission gave me hope and unconditional love and helped me to regain my dignity, respect, and self-confidence.

  I MUST GIVE GOD THE GLORY- because without him I am nothing!- L.A. Safe Harbor Graduate 2014

LA 3

(L.A. giving her testimony at Celebrate Recovery)


I didn’t see my children or my parents again for 15 months, not even phone calls.

Sam 3 2015

Sam’s Testimony

My name is Sam I’m 27 years old and I am a proud mother of two beautiful little girls

My struggles have been:

  • codependency in abusive relationships
  • drug abuse
  • lies I told myself

I grew up in church, went to summer camps, looked forward to vacation bible school, loved singing in the choir even had solo’s in the Christmas plays. I also grew up in a Christian home with both my parents who loved me very much.

When drugs and codependency are involved you are oblivious to every part of your life and who you are.  I started using at 14.


I didn’t set out to do bad things or get caught up in the wrong relationships I was just doing what was in my own sinful nature. I was saved at a young age and all through my years I never grasped the true concept that to be saved through Jesus was and is a relationship. I just believed and talked to him when I wanted something. I often wonder looking back why He stayed so prevalent in my life, protecting me in my stupidity that got me in some pretty harmful situations!

I started praying and seeking Him even when I was high. I was watching my life fall apart piece by piece. My life was officially out of control and ticking out of time.  I was sitting in the floor of my daughter’s room when the cops came to arrest me.  My mouth dropped and my heart stopped when they read my charges because I was very aware of how high meth related bonds were. My biggest regret… not telling the girls good bye and consoling them because I was so self-consumed it was the last thing on my mind.

I didn’t see my children or my parents again for 15 months not even phone calls.

When I finally reached my release date was headed for Safe Harbor  I saw a billboard on the that read ‘home is just around the corner’.  I began to completely change my way of thinking. I began to see what God see’s in me who I am, what I believe in, my strengths and weaknesses. Everything I have ever known or thought and believed has changed even when I think it can’t change anymore it does.

I am now a Safe Harbor grad, employed full time, have a home and my children.


-Samantha, SHRM Client