Wish List


$10 Walmart Gift Cards-For New Day Guest’s Birthday’s

$10 Gas Cards for New Day Program’s transportation needs

Diapers, especially size 4-5

Paper plates, cups and napkins


Razors and shaving cream

Aluminum foil and plastic wrap

Trash bags

Dry coffee Creamer

Healthy snacks for New Day Program Guests


Bottled Water

Pens and Clipboards

Hand sanitizer (pumps and refills)

Wash Cloths for New Day and Residential Programs

Perfume/Body Spray

Make up remover

Ladies underwear (all sizes)

Liquid dish soap

Nail polish remover

Riding lawn mower

Gas powered leaf blower

Gas powered hedge clippers

Industrial step ladder (3-5 steps)


Wish list items free up funding for other important needs of the women and children we serve at Safe Harbor Rescue Mission